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Our Process begins with a no cost consultation that includes...                                     

  • No pitching. No approval process. No need  for an agent.  

  • A review and analysis of your concept and story line.

  • A discussion regarding how our step by step manuscript writing and publishing process will make you a published author.


  • A discussion to determine if you wish WFP to co-author or ghostwrite your manuscript?

  • As a ghostwriter this means we write the manuscript for you, but we do not receive any credit as the author or book royalties. 

  • As a co-author this means we collaborate with you to write your manuscript, and WFP will receive a percentage of the royalties and credit as a co-author.

  • Publishing Plans designed for all genres and formats of books. 

  • A variety of formats to publish your book including:

              eBooks / Hard Cover / Soft Cover

  • Payment arrangements designed to meet most budgets.


We offer expert editing, professional feedback and proofreading to ensure your manuscript work meets industry standards and is ready to publish.

  • In association with BSI Films a major Hollywood Production Company, WFP Specializes in adapting books to scripts! 


For more information book an appointment for a no cost consultation.

*When Is A Line Edit Needed? When what is written does not fully reflect the vision the writer wants and/or believes the story needs to be more compelling and readable. ...
Line Edit
15 min.
Call (424) 234-6506