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PAST  PERFECT: Yesterday Holds No Power

By Betty Sanchez Blevins

A Romantic Adventure You Will Never Forget!  

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Past Perfect: Yesterday Holds No Power

By Betty Sanchez Blevins


July 10, 2019, Los Angeles, California – Word First Publishing / a subsidiary of Brilliant Stories Inc., is proud to announce the newly released international publication and debut of the Romantic novel…

Past Perfect: Yesterday Holds No Power

By Betty Sanchez Blevins

"Thank you, mi amor," she whispered as tears rolled down her face. "I cry with tears of joy because you have confirmed that I have done my job here. I am so proud of you. Te amo, mi amor, con todo mi corazón. I can rest in peace now, and I will see our precious one in heaven." My mother smiled at me as she closed her eyes for the last time in this world. And just like that, she was gone......... my mother, my best friend... mi mama..... gone.... 

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About The Author ~  Betty Blevins

Past Perfect: Yesterday Holds No Power

By Betty Sanchez Blevins


Where do you go when you think you have lost it all? 

The past is a good place to start. In order to make things right with her estranged son, and to quiet her own demons and loss, Sandy Guadalupe Teibel sets forth on the journey of a lifetime: going back to her past and trying to right the wrongs, hoping to find peace and conciliation. But the past is never what we think it was, and Sandy finds that in this course of going back, she risks everything all over again. Life isn't perfect, and love is flawed. Can Sandy go back again and rewrite the wrongs and find her lost true love?


Betty Sanchez Blevins’ debut novel Past Perfect, has been a long time coming, five years in the making to be exact. In that time, she has been one busy lady. On the days where she isn’t working, being a mother and wife, attending her son’s baseball games, shuffling kids to school and activities, running marathons or watching her beloved Padres play Major League Baseball, she is serving her community and helping others. She is active in numerous community outreach programs, public policy, and non-profits.

Betty studied at San Diego State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Psychology with a Minor in Creative Writing. In 2011 she pursued her Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA). Betty has worked as a Public Servant since 2006 with the County of San Diego. She has dedicated most of her career to the aging and undeserved. Currently she is a Deputy Public Administrator where she is appointed by the court to administer estates with no will, or without an appropriate person willing to act as an administrator. 


Her sense of adventure and lust for life have given her an outlook on life and her many life lessons can be seen in her writings. Past Perfect is just the beginning, and we look forward to many more books from her.


Betty lives in Imperial Beach, Southern California, with her children, loving husband, and numerous pets.

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