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Evaluation Editing

Why and when is an Evaluation Edit needed?

  • 30 min
  • Starts at $595 /Up
  • Phone / Skype / Online Session

Service Description

The difference between a Developmental Edit and a Evaluation Edit. A Development Edit is needed when you have an outline, or partial draft but need help writing the manuscript. A Evaluation Edit is needed after you've written the manuscript and want a professional evaluation of what's written compared to your vision of how you want it to read. *** Why is a Evaluation Edit needed: Your manuscript is completed, but you have concerns about the structure, flow, completeness, and overall quality of what's written compared to your vision of how the story should read. This edit does an evaluation of the entire manuscript. The primary focus is on comparing what's written to your vision. The next step is evaluating the structure of what's written, then if there is a flow to the beginning, middle of the entire manuscript. Our team will provide written notes, suggestions and recommendations for you to consider. We will make those changes for you, or you can make the changes and use some or all of the recommendations we provide you. *** When is a Evaluation Edit needed: You've completed writing your manuscript but have concerns about the structure and flow of the storyline. This edit is similar to a developmental edit. If you receive a glowing evaluation, your book might be ready for the next level before going to print... copyediting and proofreading. If the editor says your book’s organization and structure need serious work, you might need a developmental editor. If the structure is sound but your writing needs work, you might need a line edit or content edit to strengthen your manuscript.

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4640 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA, USA

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