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Copy Edit / Proof Read

Why and When Is A Copy Edit / Proof Read Needed

  • 15 min
  • Start at $995 & Up
  • By Phone or Skype

Service Description

Copyediting / Proof Read Our copy editing is the process of reviewing your work before publication by correcting mistakes, checking for inaccuracies, and preventing repetition in your writing. A copy-edit is the final step performed prior to your manuscript going to print and includes the following services: Correct any typos, which would include misspelled words and fill in missing words. Format the manuscript and that includes just one space between sentences. Streamline punctuation, overuse of ellipses to denote a break in thought (…) and properly use commas, periods, exclamations marks, and dashes. Make sure the names of characters and places are spelled consistently throughout. Find and replace similarly sounding words with far different meanings (affect/effect, their/there, and its/it’s are mistakenly used). Conduct a modest fact check (perform a Google search to find the exact spelling of words and make new paragraphs to break up long passages. If the manuscript needs a more thorough review and/or possible re-write suggestions and recommendations will be made to consider an advanced edit for your manuscript.

Contact Details


4640 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA, USA

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