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Speak With Our Editor and Best-Selling Author Susan B. Flanagan 

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To Start We Will Discuss:

1. If Your Manuscript Is Not Written, Do You Want It Ghost Written or Co-Authored.


3. If Your Manuscript Is Written and Needs An Edit, we provide professional editing services that approves your manuscript to go straight to print.


4. The next step is to choose a Publishing Plan that creates and designs your book cover, includes a variety of formats i.e. eBook, hard cover, soft cover etc. and support services.


5. All books published by WFP are sold and distributed by our Bookseller Barnes & Noble.


Do You Want Your Manuscript

Ghost Written 



Ghost Writing:  Our company continues to write manuscripts and creates graphic novels for major publishing companies, celebrities, politicians, business executives and writers. Manuscripts that are ghost written and published, the author will retain all rights and credits for the book under their name. Our author/corporation will not have any claims or credit for writing the manuscript and will not receive any royalties or recognition from the sales of the manuscript when published.


  • The rate to Ghost Write a manuscript is higher than the rate for Co-Authoring a manuscript.


Co-Author:   Susan co-authors your manuscript, WFP will provide all of the same professional writing services our clients requesting ghost writing services receive. As a co-author, our author will share in the credit for helping writing the manuscript, receive royalties and recognition for the sales of the manuscript when published.


  • The rate to Co-Author a manuscript is lower than the rate to Ghost Write a manuscript.


Editing Is Key To Ensuring Your Manuscript Is Ready To Go To Print!


Our professional editing, proofreading and advanced editorial services ensure your manuscript meets industry standards and most importantly formatting  to be publish!


​Choose The Plan That Best Meets Your Needs!


WFP and It's Affiliate BSI Films 

A Major Los Angeles Based Film & Series Production Company

Is Led By Our Managing Editor Emmy® Award Winning Writer and Best Selling Author

Susan B. Flanagan 


Susan And Her Team Specializes In Adapting Books To Scripts For Major Hollywood Studios.

For more information about adapting your book to a script, click here...


Our Adaptation Process:


  • The entire process from start to finish will take approximately 9-12 weeks or less. 


  • First your script will be adapted to a manuscript.


  • Once the manuscript has been edited and proofed, you will be asked to choose a publishing plan for publishing your book.


  • Our rate will depend on if you are requesting a novel or graphic novel, if the book will be a one off or series, and the number of pages the book will have

2BPM Cover4-16-20- JAYCEE 2ND EDITION 3.
2BPM Cover4-16-20- JAYCEE 2ND EDITION 3.
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~ BOOK COVER 9-29-18 - EchoHouse_Cover_h
LINE EDIT Our team is led by Susan Flanagan our chief editor, published author, Emmy® Award Winning Writer and professional ghost writer for our celebrity, dignitaries, ...
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30 min
$850 & Up

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