Word First Publishing (a subsidiary of Brilliant Stories) is a Concierge full-service traditional and book self-publishing company. We offer first time authors and published authors, the same personalized beginning to end Manuscript Writing, Publishing, Adaptation, and Book Marketing services provided our celebrity, politicians, business executives, public figures, published authors, and professional sports clients. 

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Our company is led by Susan B. Flanagan our Editor In-Chief, a Best-Selling Author, Industry leading Ghost Writer, Emmy® Award Winning Writer, and Award-Winning Executive Producer with BSI Films. In addition to providing personalized writing and publishing services to first time and published authors, Susan is also a Primary Writer chosen by Major Hollywood Studios and literary agencies for writing and the Adaptation of Scripts / Books.

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Do You Want Your Manuscript / Ghostwritten Or Co-Authored?

Ghostwriting: Our Best-Selling Author Susan B. Flanagan is one of the leading Ghostwriters chosen by celebrities, politicians, business executives, published authors, and sports figures for the writing and publishing of their manuscripts.  
Manuscripts that are ghostwritten, the author will retain ownership, rights and royalties based on the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement both parties agree to. 
Speak with our Author about cost and for more information.
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Co-Author: Our Best-Selling Author Susan B. Flanagan, will collaborate with you in the writing and publishing of your manuscript. Our Author makes the process of writing your manuscripts much easier and simpler by saving you time and the need for editing your manuscript after it is completed. Also, the cost for the writing of a co-authored manuscript is lower than that of it being ghostwritten. Ownership, rights and royalties will be based on the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement both parties agree to. Speak with our Author about cost and for more information.

WFP along with our affiliate BSI Films​ are script and book

Adaptation Specialist for

best-selling authors, major Hollywood studios, talent and literary agencies 

This division is led by Susan B. Flanagan, our Executive Producer, Best-Selling Author, Emmy® Award Winning Writer, and Script Adaptation Specialist. Susan is the premier writer and author that's chosen by major Hollywood studios, credited writers, and literary agencies for The Adaptation of Scripts and Books.


If you have a script and wish to adapt it to a manuscript, 

please speak with our Executive Producer Susan Flanagan

Our Publishing Company

Word First Publishing is a Hybrid Book Publishing Company (traditional and personalized publishing services) acquired by Brilliant Stories Inc., located in Los California

The acquisition of Word First Publishing Company by BSI is part of our content development strategy for expanding our media and print capabilities across multiple platforms. 

To meet the ever-growing demand by our major Hollywood studio clients, who continue to adapt novels, comic books and graphic novels to films and a growing demand among film writers who want their scripts adapted to books, BSI merged with WFP, a privately held publishing company specializing in ghost-writing manuscripts and publishing books for celebrities, politicians, sports athletes, public figures, dignitaries and business executives.


The combined resources and experience of both our publishing and film divisions allows us to provide all of our clients beginning-to-end professional personalized attention to their manuscript writing, adaptation and publishing needs.

Both WFP and BSI now offer published and non-published writers/authors seeking to publish their book the same professional services and attention to writing, editing manuscript and book publishing needs.  



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I Rose From The Ashes

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