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List of Professional Manuscript Editing Services

Manuscript Editing Services that include professional editing, proofreading and advanced editorial services.

WFP offers the same professional editing, proofreading and advanced editorial services we provide our celebrity, politicians, business executives and best-selling author clients.


Our edits ensure your manuscript meets industry standards and formatting standards for publishing your manuscript in all formats!

List Of Services
Editorial Editing
Development Editing
Content Editing +
Content Editing
Line Editing
Copy Editing
Cover Copy Edit


$.021 cents per word: Correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.



$.030 - $.034 cents per word:  An in-depth review and analysis for symatics and choice of words, we provide suggestions for strengthening the story-line of your book. 





$.030 - $.034 cents per word: In addition to the above, the structure, story-line and where needed edits of sentences will be made. 



$.039 - $.042 cents per word:  A complete review, analysis and edit of the entire manuscript from the first word to the last will be performed. 




$.072 - $.079 cents per word: A thorough analysis and evaluation of each paragraph and chapter is made to identify how to capitalize on the strengths of the story and correct any parts that weaken the story.


$490 (300 pages): Our review will provide constructive feedback based on market trends  . 



$199: After viewing the front cover, a book has a few seconds to get a buyers attention. Our Cover Copy Polish service combines the ideas you provide to us with our team's professional writing and design skills to create an image that attracts your book's targeted market.  

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Susan B. Flanagan is our Director of WFP, a Best-Selling Author, Emmy® Award Winning Writer, and Primary Writer chosen by Major Hollywood Studios for the Adaptation of Sc...
Line Edit
30 min
$2300 & Up
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